Focusing primarily on early-stage design and development of technology often means respecting our clients and partners non-disclosure wishes regarding internal processes and products not yet released. That said, here are a few of the clients and products that we can talk about.


Design Development Web Mobile

Birdhouse is a wonderful product that allows parents of special-needs children to track their child’s activities. They came to us looking for a redesign of their version 1.0 web offering. Working within the constraints of time and budget, we were able to turn out a fantastic new design that hit all the key points in just a few months. Birdhouse 2.0 launched in Q1 of 2015.

A year later, Birdhouse came to us again for a ground-up rebuild and redesign of their native iOS and Android applications (which had several versions each). We based the new app on the Ionic framework in order to meet the clients goals of both: a unified codebase for all versions to ease internal development efforts; and improvements to the user experience to bring it inline with the recently rebuilt web app. The new Birdhouse apps went live in Q3 of 2016.


Design Development Web

With only four days until an important convention, we built Avanti a really cool multipage, fully-responsive, interactive, and cross-browser compatable demo of their newly proposed backend admin system - all based upon a single provided comp.


Design Development Web Mobile

We partnered with YogiTunes in early 2015. After just three months, we had rebuilt their product from scratch using web technologies, enabling them to provide a streaming - and downloadable - music service available on desktop, native iOS, and Android (launching soon) applications. Since the initial launch in Q2 of 2015, we've worked closely with Yogitunes to deliver continuous improvements to the platform - always with a careful eye kept on metrics to ensure that user retention and satisfaction increase with each push.


Concept Design Development Web

We partnered with our friends at EyeCue Lab in Portland to design and develop the first version of Powur's visual identity, marketing site, and direct sales admin portal for their solar panel sales force.


Concept Design Development Web Mobile

We’ve been partnered with Cogi since 2013. In that time, we’ve helped them define, build and market a great mobile app that lets you capture the important parts of meetings and lectures, as well as a premium offering which includes cloud sync, web access, telephony, and transcription services. We’ve had our hands in every part of the design, development, and marketing processes and we are very proud of what we’ve helped the team at Cogi accomplish.


Concept Design Development Process Web

JuntoBox Films was a collaborative, crowd-sourced filmmaking studio founded by actor Forest Whitaker and director/producer Philippe Caland. Partnered with Burnside Digital, we were tasked with the redesign and development of their crowd-sourcing and community filmmaking web application, as well as the research, design, and documentation of their community voting, internal selection, crowdfunding, and project development processes. The site design and the internal processes we created received strong praise from both the company and community. Unfortunately, due to a lack of access to the primary stakeholders during the development process, the efforts were dismantled in favor of an alternative path.

Green Piranhas

Concept Design Mobile

Green Piranhas allows verified customers to review and recommend service providers by providing actual invoices of the work performed. Working alongside Opus Logica, we provided the initial concepts and mockups for their first fully-native iOS application.


Concept Design Web

An ambitious early startup seeking to put real-time demographic analytics of social and political issues into the hands and screens of politicians and political operatives. We provided a wide range of mockups demonstrating initial UI and UX concepts that would allow for rich data tracking, high-level customizability, and at-a-glance statistics interpretation at nearly every altitude.